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COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 Update:

    With the troubling data we were seeing from other countries, all our brick-and-mortar store locations were closed in January. They remain closed and will not reopen for the foreseeable future.

    February brought additional data that would suggest potential deaths of 10's of millions of Americans. In an effort to keep our staff safe, we discontinued ordering from GW and our other distributors and manufacturers. We will not be restocking from these sources until this threat has passed.

    Additionally, our staff pulled their children from schools prior to school closings. All our remaining staff has been in complete quarantine for weeks with no outside contact. No shopping trips, no hunting for toilet paper, no contact with other family or friends. This was something all staff members choose to do on their own, despite many friends and family members saying we were all over-reacting. Several weeks ago we also arranged a no-contact drop-off with the postal system.

    To insert a personal opinion, social distancing is a joke. Even with a six foot distance from another person, you put yourself and family at risk. Studies have indicated a potential 3 hour air time for this virus; thus entering a building three hours after an infected person, can put you at risk by simply breathing. Surface tests vary greatly. To be safe I would personally suggest at least a 3 day expectation. While we and our products do not have COVID-19, assume it will be contaminated in the mail system. Upon receipt, I would suggest placing the package in quarantine for at least three days. Please keep informed about COVID-19 from reliable sources as you make your own decisions on how best to protect yourself. We are not doctors and scientists and are simply making our best informed decisions.

    Entering March, our primary concern turned to potential looters. They may not know what they are taking, but I have little doubt looters would clear our stores. We have been working long hours all month to relocate all our stock to our secured warehouse locations. This has been nearly completed. We expect final loads to be moved in the first week of April.

    Starting March 23rd, we have begun adding some old long-forgotten stock to our various online sales platforms. Once the stores have been moved, our focus will turn to listing the millions of items we have warehoused. While we will not receive restocks of current items, we do have a vast supply of amazing products to offer.

    We will continue online operations until the postal system stops shipping our products. This may be an eventuality. Thus, I would suggest ordering sooner rather than later. That applies to all products everywhere, not just from our sites. Many large online retailers are already closing up. Note, we have begun seeing some delays in delivery. Only a day or so longer than it use to take at this point, but that will likely change as the postal system faces increasing difficulties. Please be patient with the postal system - they are working hard to keep sellers like us running. However, expect delays to continue to get longer. We will continue to ship all orders within 24 hours (excluding weekends), but expect the post to move slower.

    If a single staff member shows a potential symptom, we will stop all online operations immediately. Any orders from that day will be refunded and all sites will be emptied of all stock without notice or warning. They will not likely return until the virus has concluded. We have taken, and will continue to take extreme measures. Remember, we are all attempting to avoid a virus, not an easy task, even when employing drastic measures.

    I would urge everyone to treat this with "an abundance of caution." Assume everyone you see is infected. Assume that if you become infected, you will die. Assume the U.S. is headed for an 18 month lockdown. Assume 26+ million people will die in the U.S. alone. These are the numbers I see when I calculate the stats for this virus. If everyone over-reacted when this started, we would not be where we are today. Please behave as if we are in the worst case scenerio. It is far better to look back and say we all over-reacted than say I never expected it to get this bad as the hospital tells you they can't help you. Again, please look for reliable medical and scientific sources as you make your own decisions.

    Please, be smart, be safe!

    We are working with Last Stand and PlayTableTop and other creators to bring more digital products to market in the near future. Last Stand will be publishing more minis and bits to 3D print. So grab an Anycubic printer and a ton of resin if you don't already have one. PlayTableTop will be bringing some printable standies for roleplaying and wargames. So order in some ink and paper and ready your table tops for months of awesome gaming! Look for some goblins to hit shortly. Email us with requests for bits or standies, and we will see what we can get released.

    Keep an eye on our site for free promotional releases and we will likely start a supporter program for these two companies, offering free products each week to customers who have previously purchase these digital items.

    And send us emailed photos of the things you create with our products! If we get enough, we will post them to inspire others and maybe run a contest or two.

    With patience, creativity and understanding, we will get through this!

All the best!


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